Surrogate Motherhood. How much does it cost to create a family?

With the developing of medical technologies surrogate motherhood has become much more popular than several years ago and is in a high demand nowadays. For many families, it is one and only way to create a happy family and start a new stage of their life. One of the most frequently asked questions about the surrogacy process and its peculiarities is how much does it cost. Moralists may say that it can’t be estimated because it’s not a business deal or contract. We will skip this part and consider this situation from the medical point of view. First of all, the surrogate payments depend on the experience of a surrogate mother that is how many pregnancies did she have before. Women who have the surrogate experience are highly encouraged to apply for the most competitive packages of surrogate compensation available.

Among other parameters that are also extremely important and directly influence the price is the health condition of the surrogacy mother, her age, geographical location, and type of the pregnancy. Speaking about the concrete price of the surrogate compensation, for the first-time surrogate mothers this price varies between $40000-$55000. It is an average surrogate payment which may differ according to some other individual circumstances.

This price is just a compensation, it will never become a repay for the surrogate mother who has helped to create a new happy family with so long-awaited child through her generosity and commitment. From the moral point of view, it is always much more than just a money amount, it is a real feat which every surrogate mother can be proud.

A surrogate mother can become a completely healthy (physically and mentally) woman whose age is more than 18 years. Each women pretending to become a surrogate mother must have her own healthy child or several children. In case if the potential surrogate mother is married, then a written consent of the spouse for an IVF program is required, which is registered at the medical center.

Speaking about the ethical side of the surrogate motherhood, according to a decision of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), surrogate maternity is the morally acceptable method to create families for parents with the infertility problems. Nowadays surrogate motherhood is prohibited by law in some countries while in many others it is allowed by the legislation and is in a high demand. This parameter, as well as many other advantages and disadvantages of the surrogacy process, should be considered by the family prior to making such important decision.

Although the question “How much does a surrogate mother make” is one of the most frequently asked questions about the whole surrogacy process, families who have made such important decision should note that price is not the main parameter and it is much more important, that the health condition of the surrogate mother is excellent to allow her to give birth to a healthy baby.

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