Surrogacy cost

People who are planning or even simply considering the idea of using the services provided by our Agency often wonder how the cooperation is organized and how long each stage lasts. Here we will describe the complete cycle of such cooperation, and then we will look at each of the aspects in more detail. The stages include:

1.Learning about the company, its services and programs.

2.Legal registration of the necessary agreements, identification of the financial terms of cooperation.

3.Organization of meetings with several candidates. Selection of a surrogate mother.

4.Medical examination of the would-be genetic parents.

5.Legal finalization of relations with the surrogate mother and the medical center where the IVF (in vitro fertilization) will take place.

6.Implementation of medical procedures under the IVF program (cycle synchronization, selection of egg or sperm donors if necessary, embryo transfer, medication support).

The Ukrainian legislation allows:
— identification of the embryo’s gender before the embryo transfer;
— examination to discover fetal chromosomal abnormalities before the embryo transfer

7.Surrogate mother’s pregnancy monitoring in the best clinics under constant supervision of a representative of our agency.

8.Preparation of all necessary documents for legalization of the baby and registration of the parents’ rights.

9.The surrogate mother delivers a baby in one of the best clinics with the assistance of highly qualified specialists. If the genetic parents wish so, they can be present when the child is born. Cord blood banking can be organized to store cord tissue stem cells.

10.Execution of all documents required by law for the baby. These include the birth certificate, confirmation of genetic relationship, implementation of the IVF procedure, and others.
Below, we will describe the work of our Agency with clients from other countries under the Surrogacy Program. From the legal and organizational point of view – this is the most difficult situation that can be faced by the babyforyou Agency.

Scheme of cooperation of babyforyou Agency with clients from other countries under Surrogacy Program
Stage 1. Introduction. Correspondence. Consultations (not regulated).

The first consultation usually takes place in our Kyiv-based office or via Skype. It lasts one hour or more and gives our clients a wide array of information about the work of our Agency, answers to all questions they may have, including financial issues. During this meeting, we also discuss the medical aspects of the program, legal nuances, specific provisions of the laws both in Ukraine and in the country of our potential clients, we furthermore discuss the criteria for selecting a surrogate mother and, if necessary, a donor.

Stage 2. Execution of an agreement. Reconciliation of all conditions (1–2 weeks).

After the clients make a decision on cooperation, we send them a copy of an agreement, which is entirely in line with the Ukrainian laws, and a bill for our services. After the would-be parents sign the necessary papers and pay the bill, our cooperation officially begins.

Stage 3. Selection of a surrogate mother (up to 3 weeks).

The babyforyou Agency includes into its database of surrogate mothers only worthy candidates after they have undergone medical and psychological screening. During these important procedures, the following key factors are explored: delivery and pregnancy stories, general health condition, living conditions, and a legal situation. Our clients can select from among several candidates included into our database, in accordance with their wishes, and organize personal meetings with them. The final choice is always made by the future parents.

Stage 3–1. Selection of the egg donor (5–7 days).

For egg donors, we have several criteria. All women have to be young and healthy, and they should also have children (at least one). They must not have bad habits, be overweight, have mental disorders and inheritable diseases.

Stage 4. Checkup of would-be parents (1–3 days).

In order to evaluate the condition of the genetic material, our clients should also undergo medical screening. As early as at the first stage, they have to produce certificates confirming the condition of their reproductive system. We also recommend they should see a psychologist. Screening and consulting are organized in Kyiv.


Stage 5. Execution of agreements (1–3 days).

At this stage, our clients have to sign two agreements. The first is signed with the surrogate mother, and the second – with a medical center which will carry out in vitro fertilization. These documents will describe the obligations and rights of all the parties as well as their mutual responsibility. Under the Ukrainian legislation, all agreements have to be signed in the Ukrainian language, and if one of the parties represents another country, the agreement should be bilingual (one language being Ukrainian, and the second – the language of international communication).

Stage 6. Medical procedures (approximately 50 days).

A highly qualified fertility specialist will synchronize the cycles of the would-be genetic and surrogate mothers and, in approximately 4-8 weeks, will transfer the embryo. Often, two or three such IVF attempts are done.

Stage 7. Surrogate mother’s pregnancy monitoring (about 33 weeks).

After the surrogate mother’s pregnancy is confirmed, the further monitoring will be conducted in the best Ukrainian clinics under the supervision of a representative of our agency. The babyforyou Agency during the entire pregnancy will also provide her with all necessary assistance. The genetic parents will receive the complete report on all medical examinations of the surrogate mother.

Stage 8. Preparation of all necessary documents for the child legalization and registration of parents’ rights (1–2 months).

It is an important phase for the future proper registration of the child in Ukraine and its trip abroad (when the would-be parents are foreigners).  The documents for registration of legal technicalities are collected during the entire period of cooperation with the client. However, one or two months before the expected delivery, an individual route is developed, and staff of diplomatic missions is contacted to specify the procedure for documents registration.

Stage 9. Delivery by a surrogate mother and registration of all documents necessary for legalization of the baby.

The surrogate mother delivers a baby in the best clinics with the assistance of leading specialists. If the genetic parents wish so, they can be present when the child is born. The newborn child is monitored by a highly qualified pediatrician while the genetic parents stay in Ukraine. Then, all the necessary documents are prepared that enable the genetic parents to take their child home.

Stage 10. Legal support for the Agency’s clients in the country of their residence (not regulated).

We provide assistance in preparing documents for registration of the child in a country of which its parents are nationals. If necessary, we can recommend a lawyer working with such cases and living in the respective country, who will provide all the required assistance pertaining to naturalization of the baby and to all accompanying issues.

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Surrogacy Program Packages

We organize provision of highly qualified medical and legal assistance to you at all stages of surrogacy programs regardless of which program package you select.


The Standard Surrogacy Program Package offered by the babyforyou Agency includes all the necessary options aimed at achieving the main goal of our cooperation – to make you happy parents of your own healthy child.


The babyforyou Agency’s program “Surrogacy Premium” includes all the options necessary to achieve your goal – to have your own baby. The contract is based on the “all inclusive” system.


The VIP program belongs to the “all inclusive” tariff series. It is developed and calculated on the basis of any wishes you may have.


Cost of surrogacy

Cost of surrogacyNew level of medicine. In the modern world new technologies are developing with an overwhelming speed. Nowadays we have got used to such devices or services about which we previously could not even think. Significant changes also affected the medicine. Today a lot of incurable diseases can be cured and the diagnosis quality is on the very high level due to implementation and permanent improvement of new technologies, up-to-date equipment and so on. One of the greatest breakthroughs was implementation of opportunity to use surrogate motherhood for couples who have always dreamt about having a baby but because of problems with health couldn’t achieve it. Something that used to be a pipe dream has turned into a quite realistic goal. Now infertility is not hopeless situation because this problem can be overcome thanks to the newest medical technologies.

Surrogate parenting is quite spread in some countries and all actions of both sides (biological parents and surrogate mother) obey the law. The main goal of surrogacy is to give a chance for couples with health problems to become parents and to create happy family. The essence of surrogate motherhood is that in such program ovum ad sperm of the married couple are used. Thus genetic material one of spouses or both of them is used for fertilization. Embryos that are created artificially by the IVF method are transferred into the organism of a woman who has decided to be a surrogate mother for this couple. Surrogate mother requirements are strict but they may vary a little bit in different countries. Surrogate mothers are also women who have already had their own healthy baby who was born in registered marriage by traditional way. Surrogate mothers have to be from 23 to 35 years old, without any bad habits and addictions and be in a perfect physical and psychological form. It is obvious that surrogate mother should be completely healthy in order to give birth for healthy baby.

Cost of a surrogate mother

Cost of surrogacy. Parents should be ready for rather difficult and long procedure which includes searching for surrogate mother, choosing an appropriate clinic with the high quality specialist and issuance of documents that are required for the registration of the legal side of surrogacy procedure. Surrogacy motherhood is very serious and psychologically difficult decision, so couple should consider this step very responsible. Also surrogate parents must be ready for significant money spending because the cost of this procedure, especially if you want it to be done in the best way, is rather high. All medical services, registration of legal agreements, surrogate agencies services and surrogate mother have its own price. Each couple of surrogate parents who eventually decided to use surrogate motherhood must be ready for these investments and specialists recommend not saving money on such services because in this case it can has a great influence on the quality of surrogacy procedure implementation.

When speaking about cost of a surrogate parenting this is not only about money it is also about ethical and moral side of this process. Some people may find it hard to trust life of their future baby to another woman who is a stranger to them. The real cost of surrogacy is much more than money that you will spend on it. That’s why not every couple can dare on such responsible step and for another surrogate parent it may take a lot of time for making such decision.

Average cost of surrogacy

Average cost of surrogacySurrogacy agencies. Surrogacy in Ukraine is permitted by the law and because of this fact nowadays there are many surrogacy agencies that offer people their services which include help in searching of surrogate mother process. Some of these agencies even offer a list of surrogate mothers online where you can find an appropriate variant of surrogate mother price and other facilities of which will suit your requirements. In surrogacy agencies you will know all needed information about how surrogacy works, how to find a surrogate mother and how much is a surrogate mother cost. Often average cost of surrogacy is available even on the website of the surrogacy agency or surrogacy clinic which offers surrogacy services. Each surrogate mother Ukraine is in a high demand in other countries because of good health condition and strong character. Moreover in many countries surrogacy is forbidden and foreign surrogate mother wanted constantly.

In fact surrogate mother definition is following: it is a woman who is bearing a child for someone else. This baby doesn’t have any biological relationship with surrogate mother because its embryo has been fertilized in an artificial way by using of ovum and sperms of biological parents. How much does a surrogate mother cost may depends on surrogate agency that provides her services, on the age of the woman and her health condition. Cost of surrogate mother is often vary in different agencies because those of them which are doing it during a long period of time ask for bigger money amount because quality of their actions is proven with years and people feel themselves much safer when ask for help in such agencies. Cost of a surrogate mother may be significantly lower in agency that only starts its career. It doesn’t mean that the quality of their actions and services is lower too, they can be even better than in well known agency. It depends only on personal choice of a couple. That’s why there is no only one clear answer on question how much does it cost to have a surrogate, there are only specific examples which shows you surrogate price in a particular clinic or surrogacy agency with a certain number of offered services. Surrogate mothers online on websites always have some reviews that confirm the quality of their work and health and general condition of surrogate baby. People who used surrogacy services in their review can write are they satisfied with the result or not and give some valuable advices for new couples.

Different clinics that are specialized on surrogacy motherhood offer different kits and combinations of services each of them have its own surrogate price. How much is a surrogate costs may differ from one services combination to another. Average cost of surrogacy mother services doesn’t include only surrogate mother pay, surrogate pay also includes costs of all medical procedures and services, surrogate pay for issuance of all required juridical documents and in some cases such additional services as sperm cryopreservation and payment of a personal driver for surrogate mom and of her accommodation if she is from another city or country. All these items are negotiated in detail by surrogate parent and surrogate mother before the conclusion of the contract and after it any changes can’t be made.

Cost of surrogate mother

What is included into surrogacy services? As an example we give you a price list and offered services of one surrogacy clinic in Ukraine. In this clinic for couples who are interested how much does a surrogate mother cost the following list is offered:

  • it includes full medical examination of couple and surrogate mother at the start of procedure and further examinations of surrogate mother during bearing a surrogate child and after childbirth. Be ready for the situation when at this stage service of surrogate mother Ukraine will cost you much more money if the health of surrogacy mother is not as good as she told you and her health condition will not suit you. In such case you will have to pay again for the medical examinations but already another surrogate mom. In order not to make such mistake and prevent accompanying it disappointing and money spending it is highly recommended to choose surrogate mother on the websites but select her among tested variant that are offered you by surrogacy agency or surrogacy clinic.
  • Also list of services includes money spending on surrogate mother accommodation, her nutrition and crossings. The couple will have to pay in advance or to return full amount of spent money for these needs.
  • Surrogacy cost also includes first payment directly for surrogate mother when the IVF procedure is made. Such surrogate mother pay will cost you about $1000. This money amount may vary depending on the cost of IVF procedure in different clinics and on the terms of the contract between spouses and surrogate mother.
  • In addition to this every month couple have to pay some stipulated money amount on surrogate mother’s nutrition and new clothes. These services together will add to cost of surrogacy from $750-1500. It depends on the terms of the contract and on the accommodation of the surrogate mom.
  • Final and the biggest payment have to be paid for surrogate mother after childbirth and baby transferring to its biological parents. This money amount is equal to $7500-26000. One more important moment at this stage is that you will have to pay additional money in the case of polycyesis.

The general surrogacy costs may greatly vary from the initial price that surrogate mother wanted for her services. So it is impossible to say exactly how much does a surrogate mother get paid because a lot of unexpected things can happen during surrogacy pregnancy and it may influence on the final cost surrogacy.

Speaking about how much does a surrogate mother make we can confidently say that it is rather big money amount and couples should be ready for it. In fact surrogate mother fees can influence a lot on the life of woman who have decided to become a surrogate mother. That’s why nowadays there a lot of young women who offer surrogate services and how to find a surrogate mother will not be too difficult for you. Surrogate mother price differ a lot on different websites, in different countries and cities. Because of high cost of surrogate mother there is some rivalry among those who wish to become surrogate mom and woman establish her own cost surrogacy in order to be chosen by couple.

Ethical side of surrogacy motherhood. Surrogate mother process is emotionally hard and this is nothing new either for couples or for surrogate moms. But in fact by reading different reviews from surrogate mothers on websites it becomes clear that women who decided to be surrogate mothers and get surrogate mother fees take it as a job. A lot of these women say that conversely it is a great pleasure for them to bear a baby and bring so much joy for couple who has always dreamt about creating of family. Many women stay into close relations with the surrogate parents after childbirth and they continue communication for many years after child birth. One woman in her review says- “I will give the child to the family, where he has been waiting for a very long time and will be greatly loved. What’s wrong with that? People rent apartments, so why can not I rent out my belly?”

A lot of people are interested how much does a surrogate get paid, and think that it is the most abnormal way for making money, but you shouldn’t forget that these women not earn money such way, they give birth to a new human and help people to create new families by giving them opportunity to bring up and educate their child. In this way couples who are worried about how much does a surrogate cost and want to save money on it must not forget that actually it is one and only way to overcome the infertility problem for them. Women become surrogate mothers voluntarily and they do nothing that can be against the law. In the countries where surrogacy motherhood is legalized each young healthy women may become a surrogate mother and help people to have a baby if her physical and moral condition fit the surrogate mother requirements.

In some clinics surrogate mothers can be under psychologist control in order to make their emotional condition more stable. This service may also be included into surrogacy costs. Thanks to such service baby will not feel anxiety of surrogate mother or her worrying about something. Woman who is bearing child for someone else is always under permanent doctor’s control. During the whole period of pregnancy specialists control the stability of surrogate mother health and the health condition of the fertile. Couple which decided to use surrogacy motherhood should not be worried about some unexpected situations connected with the health of surrogate mother. Cost of a surrogate mother always includes her observation by the best specialists in surrogacy clinics. There is almost one hundred percent probability that everything will be good with the baby, so parents who use surrogacy maternity can relax and wait for the best present in their life-their long-awaited baby.

How does surrogacy work

How does surrogacy workInfertility statistic. Every human in our planet is brought up with the awareness that he should live saturated and productive life and leave something after it, something for that people will long remember him. It can be some kind of discovery or success of this person in music or cinema that will live his name famous during many years or even centuries. But beside this there is also something else that is available to each of us and that we can leave after us in this world, and this is- our children. In each family child is not only the continuation of this family but also a great chance for parents to bring it up that way which they will consider as appropriate. Parents can incarnate in their child all their desires about which they could only dream of, they also can give to baby much more opportunities than they had, thus giving a baby chance to live better life than they lived.

Each child is a great present for spouses all over the world. Pregnancy is always perceived as something wonderful , almost as a miracle. It is a great joy to have a baby but unfortunately not every couple can have a child. In the modern permanently developing world issue of infertility is becoming more and more urgent. According to the data of WHO, more than 100 million couples in the world are infertile, and in accordance with statistics every year nearly 10 million new infertile couples appears. Ukraine in this issue does not fall behind from other countries. Nowadays in Ukraine it is counted almost one million Ukrainian infertile couples. It directly affects the gene pool of the nation and remains one of the most important social problems. In accordance with data of official statistics about one in five couple among 15 million couples in Ukraine can not conceive a child in the traditional way. In fact, these indicators can be much higher, because not all couples look for help from doctors, and those who apply, do not always go to public clinics. As a general rule private hospitals do not provide their data, so it can affect the statistics and increase its data. Poor women’s reproductive health before pregnancy directly affects on pregnancy and childbirth. Every 4th pregnant woman has symptoms of anemia, each 7th – diseases of the genitourinary system, every 16th – diseases of the circulatory system. Also physical infertility may be as a result of sexually transmitted diseases. In Ukraine, such diseases are registered annually at 1.5 million people. There are more than 20 sexually transmitted diseases. Most often patients are diagnosed ureaplasmosis urologists (40%), chlamydia (25-30% of cases), mycoplasma (10-15%). Much rarer they are diagnosed trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and gardnerella. The most active carriers of sexually transmitted diseases are young people at the age of 16-35 years. According to researches among infertile women 36% had problems with ovulation, 30% – obstruction of the fallopian tubes, 18% – endometriosis (abnormal growth of the uterine lining). Almost a third of women can not get pregnant because of abnormalities in the partner.

Infertility types. There are three forms of infertility: female infertility and male infertility. Also there is a combine form of infertility when both man and woman are infertile, but this case is rather rare. Infertility can be observed among perfectly healthy and well compatible couples. These cases are called the unclear or unexplained or idiopathic infertility. If a woman has never been pregnant, they talk about primary infertility. If a woman has had at least one pregnancy, then no matter how it ended – by childbirth, abortion, ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, – subsequent infertility is considered as secondary. Applied to man primary infertility means that any of his partners has not become pregnant from this man. Secondary infertility is considered in the case when at least one pregnancy has occurred from a man. According to gynecologists evaluation female infertility is the cause of infertile marriages in 40% of cases. The most common reason of women infertility is fallopian tubes damage which is caused by inflammation or endometriosis, with the subsequent development of adhesions pelvic process.

Male infertility in about 40% of cases is the only reason or one of the reasons of infertile marriages. Fertility of the man depends on his ability to enter a sufficient number of healthy, mature, well-functioning sperm in the reproductive system of a woman during her ovulation. Male infertility may be associated with impaired formation, maturation and the fertilizing capacity of sperm, disorders of sexual or ejaculatory functions.

How surrogacy works

Medical technologies. Thanks to the state-of-art technologies and some significant breakthroughs in science medicine has reached a new level nowadays. Comparably with situation in ancient times when infertility was like a punishment from God for women, in the modern world this problem can be overcome. In ancient times there were no laboratories developing drugs and appropriate equipment. What can we say – doctors even did not know the complete structure of the human body during centuries. Doctors tried their best to help patients in their recover, which often resorted to extraordinary or even frightening procedures. Knowledge of ancient people in gynecology was truly weak. No matter how ridiculous it sounds this fact, but in the old days, doctors believed that a woman’s uterus is able to live its own life. If the girl can not get pregnant, medicine representatives believed genital organ escaped. The women of antiquity aspired to have as many children as possible in order to fulfill their natural purpose. If the uterus has “left” woman, doctor performed strange rituals. Near patient sulfur was ignited to spread stinking smoke in the room. It was thought that the terrible smell will cause the uterus to abandon unauthorized trips, and the organ will return to its rightful place. Also in the ancient medical practice of therapeutic baths for infertility treatment has been widespread. Possibly, water treatments solved the problem much more efficiently than with the ritual burning sulfur, but in fact nowadays it is perceived as something strange, funny and ridiculous.

Fortunately modern doctors don’t burn sulfur in order to overcome infertility problem. Nowadays for this purpose surrogacy motherhood is used. It is state in surrogate mother definition that surrogate mother is a woman whose pregnancy is the result of oocytes fertilization belonging to a third party with sperm belonging to a third party. She maintains the pregnancy with the condition or agreement that the parents of the surrogacy child that will be born are one or both of the persons whose gametes were used for fertilization of this woman. It is rather clear how surrogacy works. Very important moment in the surrogate process and understanding how does surrogacy work is that surrogate mother doesn’t have any genetic relation with the baby. The genetic relation between the surrogate mother and a child exist only if this woman was an oocytes donor. In this case oocytes can be fertilized in artificial conditions with the sperm of one of the parents because of the nonexistence of his wife or, if she exists and it is a couple consists of both man and woman, in the case of incapacity to fertilize her ovum. In many countries such type of surrogate maternity is strongly forbidden and is under law control.

How much is a surrogate mother

How much is a surrogate motherHow much does a surrogacy cost? After deciding to use the surrogacy services couple always has the following question how to find a surrogate. Presently there are a lot possibilities how to find a surrogate beginning with monitoring information on different websites that offers you surrogate mother services and ending with contacting the surrogacy agencies and clinics where specialists can answer all your questions and will help you to find a good variant of surrogate mom for your future child. After it the following question comes: “how much does it cost to have a surrogate?” How much is surrogacy is the most controversial and uncertain moment in all process of surrogate motherhood. Of course there is often some money amount that surrogacy mother cost but the actual cost of surrogate can significantly differ from how much does a surrogate mother get paid. It happens so, because the general surrogacy cost often includes some additional services and each of them has its own price. How much does a surrogate make is the main and often the biggest money amount that should be paid by parents. Other payments are not as big, but it can also differ in different countries and in different clinics or agencies. Anyway these payments will to add to general surrogate cost rather big amount of money and a couple should be ready for this. Among additional payments to the surrogate cost are:

expenditures for nutrition of surrogate mother,
her complete medical observing during the whole time of pregnancy,
expenditures for clothes for surrogate mother (more often from the beginning of 4th moth of pregnancy),
psychotherapist services (if needed or if it is the desire of parents)
some additional payments for driver, accommodation (if surrogate mother is from another city or country) and others.

How much does a surrogate mother make depends directly on her demands. Some women can ask bigger price and some of them may ask lower. While searching for surrogate mom and sort out how much is a surrogate mother, you should pay attention to her health condition, because until such time as the possible health problems will be found out you may spend quite a large sum of money. There were some cases in surrogacy maternity when women made business on it by lying about their health condition and asking some money amount from couples until their health problems were detected by medical observation. In order to prevent such situation it will be better to use surrogacy services in specialized clinics that have license and whose actions are confirmed by the law.

Surrogacy cost

High quality is required. How much is surrogacy and how much does being a surrogate mother pay are important steps in the way of surrogacy motherhood but the first and the main thing on which you have to get hung up is the quality of offered services. How much do surrogates make depends only on them but you need to know that if the cost of surrogacy is high it doesn’t mean that their offered services will be at the same high level. The right question from the couple who are looking for surrogate mother will be not “how much does a surrogate cost?” but “what guarantees and good reviews surrogate can provide us with?” Of course the quality of medical procedures, clinic equipment and doctors qualification will be directly affect on the how much does surrogacy pay, but there were some cases when rather well known clinics with famous doctors provided surrogacy services that were not good enough. Thus how much does surrogacy cost of course is very important moment, but treat with the utmost seriousness to the services quality in order to get completely healthy baby.

Nevertheless how much is the surrogate? How much does surrogacy pay is differ from clinic to clinic and from one surrogacy agency to another, but speaking about concrete numbers it will cost you from $6000 to $30000. For many couples money does not matter and how much does a surrogate get paid don’t disturb them a lot. It is so, because surrogacy maternity for them is the only possible way to change life for the better and to bring up their own genetically native child despite all problems connected with infertility.

When preparing to decision about use surrogate pregnancy or not a lot of Internet resources will clarify you a lot of information about surrogacy process and help you to make a choice. On different forums you can find how much does being a surrogate mother pay and what surrogate mothers’ facilities are the most important. Also people who have already use surrogacy parenting can prevent you from the possible mistakes and pay your attention on unimportant at first sight issues. By reading how much do surrogates make and weighing all advantages and disadvantages you finally will be able to make a decision and change your future life.