Surrogacy Program

If you need to communicate with those who have already walked down this way with us, and whom we helped to become happy parents of their own child to make a decision on cooperation with the babyforyou Agency, we are ready to provide you with the contacts of our former clients.

All our comprehensive programs are completely transparent! The contract clearly stipulates the services whose cost is covered, and those you will have to pay for additionally. You will know in advance how much you will pay for a surrogate mother. Our clients never bear any hidden costs.

When choosing any of our programs, you can be sure that all of them are designed to achieve the final result – a child birth, and registration of all necessary documents for him/her. Including a birth certificate where you will be registered as the parents.

We always fulfill conditions of the signed contract to the very end regardless of the effort and time needed for that. And we will never change the financial conditions.

After signing a contract with us you will have just three responsibilities:

1.     participation in receiving the embryos;

2.     payment of the amount stipulated in the contract;

3.     not being late when you come to take your baby from a maternity hospital.

On our web-site you can learn about our programs in the field of surrogate maternity, as well as oocytes donation. Many of those who address issues of assisted reproductive technologies are interested in the financial aspect of those projects – how much do services of a surrogate mother cost, how much should be paid for artificial insemination, how much does a donor egg cost, what is the price of donor sperm?


How much will a surrogate mother ask for her services – it is a very important issue for every couple that has decided to join the surrogacy program. An answer to this and many other related questions – what the monthly allowance of a surrogate mother is, how much is paid to her after delivery, what is the payment procedure – is provided by only one document. It is an agreement between the genetic relatives and a surrogate mother.

All surrogate mothers and egg donors we offer are absolutely healthy and have no bad habits. They undergo mandatory tests for alcohol, nicotine and drugs abuse. Doctors, psychologists, and lawyers work with them.

The amount of money to be spent on a surrogate mother depends on whether you look for her independently or delegated this to a specialized clinic or an agency that provide services in surrogacy programs. Costs of various programs can differ considerably. Some of them provide only the minimal required range of services, while others can be designed for an individual approach with personal services.

Programs of the babyforyou Agency are tailored for people with different incomes. We will select an optimal program for you, taking into consideration your wishes and requirements of a doctor who treats you. Maybe an application for artificial insemination may be sufficient in your case – the price will be corresponding. Or maybe, because of your health condition it would be better for you to sign an agreement for a comprehensive surrogacy program – then a surrogate mother will bear your child. All financial issues are determined individually in every case. We can promise you one thing – we will not suggest anything excessive to you, and we will do just what is needed.

Surrogacy Program Packages

We organize provision of highly qualified medical and legal assistance to you at all stages of surrogacy programs regardless of which program package you select.


The Standard Surrogacy Program Package offered by the babyforyou Agency includes all the necessary options aimed at achieving the main goal of our cooperation – to make you happy parents of your own healthy child.


The babyforyou Agency’s program “Surrogacy Premium” includes all the options necessary to achieve your goal – to have your own baby. The contract is based on the “all inclusive” system.


The VIP program belongs to the “all inclusive” tariff series. It is developed and calculated on the basis of any wishes you may have.