How to become a surrogate mother

Surrogacy is an opportunity for infertile parents to have a child of their own. In the territory of Ukraine, this is absolutely legal. Usually, people using this option cannot get a child in a natural way. This is where surrogate mothers, or, as they are sometimes called, gestational carriers, come to help them. They are women who are ready to carry a genetically alien child for a couple that cannot do this on their own.

Yet, it is not easy to become a surrogate mother. Desire alone is not enough. Many women decide to take this responsible step. But by far not all of them realize that surrogacy means work in the first place, and it requires that a potential surrogate mother should meet strict criteria.

A woman willing to become a surrogate mother has to meet the requirements within the following basic criteria:
  • According to gynecological parameters, the optimal age of a woman for successful child bearing is from 20 to 34. Furthermore, it should be remembered that when two embryos are implanted, multiple pregnancy is possible. And this means additional requirements for the surrogate mother’s age.
  • The potential surrogate mother should have at least one child of her own carried and born in a natural way. This is a mandatory requirement and confirmation of the health of the woman’s reproductive system.
  • A high level of mental and physical health. Before they become surrogate mothers, candidates must be examined by several doctors. And the requirements for their physical and mental health are rather high.
If you meet all the specified requirements and want to become a surrogate mother, you have to:
  1. Fill out a questionnaire on the respective page of our web-site, or call our representative; phone:
  2. We will consult you, tell you about the package of required documents, and answer all your questions about the surrogacy program.
  3. Agree on the date of a meeting for the initial consultation. By this date you have to prepare the following package of documents –
    • Copies of all pages of your passport with notes;
    • A copy of the marriage or divorce certificate (if applicable);
    • A copy of the child birth certificate (for all children);
    • Original certificates from the narcological and neuropsychiatric dispensary located in the area of your place of residence;
    • Original fluorography and electrocardiogram results with interpretation;
    • Your photographs.
  4. On the appointed day, come to our office with the package of the aforementioned documents for medical examination and signing an agreement.
  5. After you have signed the agreement, wait for our call inviting you to meet with a fertility specialist. It can be considered to be the beginning of the surrogacy program

How much do surrogate mothers earn? The vast majority of candidates for surrogacy want to know the answer to this question. But it is impossible to provide a definite answer for all cases. The payment amount varies considerably depending on diverse factors. That is why the exact amount of compensation can be discussed in the process of signing the agreement, and it will be individual for all surrogate mothers.

One of the factors affecting the payment amount is the surrogate mother’s experience of participation in similar programs. Certainly, availability of such experience will increase the compensation amount.

The procedure for payment for the services is also important for surrogate mother candidates. In general, there are two types of payment. The first and probably the main payment is made after the delivery. This sum is intended to cover the health rehabilitation of the surrogate mother, and it is by no means a direct payment for carrying and delivering the child. We stress it once again that the exact amount is agreed in every case separately, and it is stipulated in the contract.

The second type of payment is a monthly allowance paid throughout the duration of the pregnancy. This payment is also stipulated in the agreement with the surrogate mother, and it is individual. Usually, an increased amount of compensation is also stipulated in the agreement for the case of twins.

Living condition of surrogate mothers
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