Donation of eggs

Who needs a donor of oocytes?

Usage of donor’s eggs for the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure is possible for the following medical reasons:

– a patient does not have eggs in the following key cases –

  • menopause
  • premature depletion of ovarian reserve of the ovary
  • ovary removal
  • radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • abnormal development;

– the patient’s genetic diseases that make the usage of her oocytes impossible;

– carrying out multiple and unsuccessful attempts of IVF, if insufficient response of ovary to stimulation was recorded;

– resulting embryos were of low quality, and after their transfer pregnancy did not take place.

It should be taken into consideration that contraindications to in vitro fertilization with a donor’s egg are identical to contraindications of the usual IVF procedure.

What should be done to become an egg donor?

Under current regulations, an absolutely healthy woman aged between 20 and 35, who raises at least one healthy child of her own and whose appearance lacks visible phenotypic features can be an egg donor. The requirements are quite strict, but they are justified by a high price for wrong selection of a donor at this stage.

Therefore, if you want to become an oocyte donor, you will have to go through quite an extensive examination, including:

  • examination by a therapist and obtainment of the conclusion that your health condition allows surgery. This certificate will be valid for a year;
  • conversation with a psychiatrist and his/her positive conclusion about your health;
  • medical and genetic examination with a positive result;
  • before every stimulation of superovulation, a gynecological examination and urinalysis are required;
  • electrocardiogram and fluorography, the results of which will be valid for a year;
  • hematology and blood biochemistry, as well as coagulogram. Results of these tests should be received before every stimulation of superovulation;
  • blood analysis for RW, HIV, hepatitis В and С. Results of these examinations are valid for three months only;
  • smears for microflora from the cervix and the urethra. Results are also to include the purity level indication.

It should be taken into consideration that all procedures can be carried out only after you have been completely informed on the puncture of the ovaries and stimulation of superovulation, and the respective written consent has been obtained from you.

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