The Standard Surrogacy Program Package offered by the babyforyou Agency includes the necessary options aimed at achieving the main goal of our cooperation – to make you happy parents of your own healthy child.

Terms of the contract

The cost of the contract covers all of the following:

• the primary consultation:
— on legal issues;
— on medical issues;
— on organizational issues.
• selection of a surrogate mother according to the client’s criteria and her medical examination;
• selection of a clinic that will carry out IVF, selection of an egg or sperm donor if necessary;
• follow-up of a surrogate mother during the pregnancy by representatives of our agency;
• selection of a clinic for monitoring a surrogate mother’s pregnancy;
• presentation of a report on the results of examination of a surrogate mother and a fetus during pregnancy;
• full legal support throughout the entire surrogacy program;
• an insurance deposit for an emergency situation;
• selection of a hospital for a baby delivery by the surrogate mother;
• preparation of all documents for the newborn in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation;
• follow-up of the newborn by a pediatrician during the period of the child’s stay in Ukraine;
• provision of an interpreter when necessary.

Surrogacy Program Packages

The babyforyou Agency’s program “Surrogacy Premium” includes all the options necessary to achieve your goal – to have your own baby. The contract is based on the “all inclusive” system.


The VIP program belongs to the “all inclusive” tariff series. It is developed and calculated on the basis of any wishes you may have.