Sperm donation

Where is a sperm bank located?

You are offered a wide range of cryopreserved sperm material after the mandatory six-month quarantine.

In response to your request for our sperm bank, we answer questions about the price and provide all the information on the donors you are interested in: phenotype, data on the body build, education, etc. A material from our sperm bank provided by the donor you have chosen will be delivered in special vessels to the address of a clinic that implements your reproduction program.

You also have a possibility to undergo the procedure of artificial insemination (AI) with the donor sperm directly in our sperm bank.

Donor sperm is used for carrying out in vitro fertilization, as well as artificial insemination. Before using cryopreserved sperm, it is quarantined for six months. During this period, doctors receive results of re-examination of the donor for HIV, RW, hepatitis В and С. These results have to be absolutely negative. Such reassurance guarantees safety of the recipient of such virus diseases as syphilis, HIV, HCV, and HBV.

How can one become a sperm donor?

Any man aged 20-40 who does not have distinct phenotypic and organometric features can be a sperm donor. In order to become one, he should address any donor sperm bank.

The quality of material, which will be approved by a donor sperm bank, is to meet high requirements. The mandatory requirement is to carry out a spermogram with the following results: total volume of ejaculate – at least one milliliter, sperm concentration – more than 80 million per 1 mL. Sperm groups А and В (progressively motile forms) should exceed 60%. The percentage of sperm cells without morphological deviations is also to be high – at least 60%. Testing donor sperm for cryotolerance is also mandatory. This procedure ensures that the quality of the genetic material will remain high after defrosting.

The mandatory rule for those planning to become a sperm donor is a preliminary examination, which includes the following stages:

  • Determination of the blood group and the rhesus factor of the sperm donor;
  • Examination by a therapist (the doctor’s conclusion is valid for one year);
  • Conclusion about the donor’s health from a urologist (valid for 1 year)
  • Examination by and conclusion of a psychiatrist about the donor’s health (issued once);
  • Blood tests for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis В and С (test results are valid for 3 months);
  • Examination is obligatory for such infections as mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, gonorrhoea, cytomegalovirus infection, genital herpes, chlamydiosis (results are valid for 6 months);
  • Examination by a geneticist.

Before sperm donation, sexual abstinence is required for 3-5 days. Ejaculate is received by masturbation and it is placed in a sterile vessel labeled in a special way.

As for the cost of services, it can vary in quite a broad range for different sperm banks. But one should be aware of the main thing – the task of a sperm bank is to assist in emergence of a new life, and here the price is not determined by money.

Surrogacy Program Packages

We organize provision of highly qualified medical and legal assistance to you at all stages of surrogacy programs regardless of which program package you select.


The Standard Surrogacy Program Package offered by the babyforyou Agency includes all the necessary options aimed at achieving the main goal of our cooperation – to make you happy parents of your own healthy child.


The babyforyou Agency’s program “Surrogacy Premium” includes all the options necessary to achieve your goal – to have your own baby. The contract is based on the “all inclusive” system.


The VIP program belongs to the “all inclusive” tariff series. It is developed and calculated on the basis of any wishes you may have.