How Much? Prices for all Surrogacy Procedures

When your family has made such important decision as using the surrogate motherhood services it’s time to consider main aspects of this procedure. One of the most important moments of surrogacy process is its cost. In this article, we are going to consider the average prices for different surrogacy procedures to help you evaluate the total cost of this process.

Let’s start from the very beginning. The first step is the application fee. The price of the application is $500 however in some cases it may be free depending on your level of participation in the surrogacy program. Then the SMI consulting expenses come. These expenses cost around $10000 and include:

  • All administrative work in order to ensure the general success of the whole surrogacy procedure;
  • Performing all necessary medical and psychological procedures;
  • Supervision of the SMI trust account;
  • Monitoring and selection of the surrogate.

The next important step after the surrogate is chosen and all the medical and psychological procedures are performed is legal expenses. The cost of such expenses may vary greatly depending on the person who performs the legal work. Here you have a choice. You can choose either your own attorney or use the help of attorneys to which your SMI refers you. Anyway, you need this assistance in all phases of the whole surrogacy process to avoid possible problems with documents and contracts in the future. As we have already mentioned, the fee for such services is different, so we collected the average prices for all the necessary documents:

  • Obtaining a step-parent adoption (in case if it is necessary) – $2000-3000;
  • Obtaining travel documents for a child (in case if it is necessary) – $2000;
  • Obtaining a pre-birth court order – $4000;
  • The contract between you and your surrogate – $1000.

When all the documents are collected and the contract is signed, it’s time for medical expenses. These expenses include:

  • Sperm count and general physical exams for the father;
  • HSG test (in case if it’s necessary), general physical exam, insemination, transfer of an embryo, prenatal and postpartum care for a surrogate.

Also, you should check the insurance policy of the surrogate (if she has it) as it may influence greatly on all the medical expenses. In case if a surrogate doesn’t have such policy, parents must purchase it. In general, the average cost of all medical expenses is equal to $5000-50000. Such wide diapason of the costs is caused by the different conditions of the insurance policy and different expenses at each stage of the whole pregnancy period.

Don’t forget to add various surrogate allowances to the general cost, such as:

  • Term life insurance policy for the surrogate ($150-200);
  • Allowance for surrogate mother’s clothing ($500);
  • Travel expenses to a surrogate if she lives in another city;
  • Daily allowance to a surrogate for meals and child care ($100).

Also, if you decide to choose one of the surrogate women offered by SMI, you will have to pay $5000 advertising fee. In case if you decided to choose another surrogate or surrogate who didn’t pass the psychological testing, you don’t have to pay this advertising fee.

After all these expenses, you should also note that in addition to this, there is a compensation for a surrogate mother. So, how much do surrogate mothers get paid? The average cost is $15000 – 25000, however, this price varies in the majority of cases depending on whether it is a single birth or multiples. As a rule, surrogate mothers determine the desired fee in their profiles and if you decided to choose one of them, this fee is not discussed further.

So, let’s sum up all the mentioned above and calculate the total cost of this procedure. The all-inclusive cost is $75000 (for the AI program) – $100000 (for the IFV/ET program). In case if you have previously frozen embryos, the cost of the in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer program will be significantly reduced. To evaluate your minimal expenses, you should count on $60000- 65000 for all the necessary documents, all medical (and psychological) procedures but except surrogate mother fee.

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