Surrogate mom. Main requirements and psychological aspects.

Nowadays you will hardly find a person who has never heard about surrogacy motherhood. Due to the rapid development of medical technologies, today it has become much more popular than several years before. Surrogacy motherhood is the only chance for couples who have infertility problem to create a family and to have their genetically native, absolutely healthy child. According to the statistical data, nowadays the number of couples who have resorted to the surrogacy motherhood is growing, so in this article, we are going to consider the main aspects of surrogacy motherhood including the major requirements to the surrogacy mother. Prior to starting our review let’s consider the main reasons which may influence on the occurring of infertility problems. One of the most important reasons is health. So, why is it so important to be healthy to conceive a child?

Many women who have had problems in conceiving a child begin to sound an alarm without even thinking about the original reasons for this problem. Sometimes everything can be solved simply but in any case, if you can’t conceive a child within a year of unprotected sex life, you should contact a specialist to solve the problem. Many of these women seek help from the reproductologists, already assuming a whole bunch of dangerous diseases that prevent them from becoming a mother. However, many forget that the reproductive system is a delicate system that requires careful treatment in general. It may sound trivial but in order to conceive a child, you need, besides the elementary rules for preserving reproductive health, to lead a healthy lifestyle. Constant lack of sleep, bad habits and stress can be a serious obstacle to family happiness. In many ways, the ability to conceive a child is affected by nutrition: the body of a woman should not need any vitamins and minerals, otherwise, the natural cycles of the body will be disrupted, which can interfere with your motherhood. Sometimes it’s enough just to keep yourself in a good shape and rest periodically so you do not even have to think about how to conceive a child. It is important to remember that all systems in the body are interconnected, and violations only in one of them can have serious consequences.

IVF and health

IVF (artificial insemination) is used when the reproductive system needs support and assistance for conception. Within the framework of the IVF protocol, an egg is taken from the woman’s body, then fertilized with her partner’s sperm, and then placed immediately into the uterine cavity. This allows the egg to avoid passing the path through the fallopian tubes and helps the body as a whole to accept the embryo.

Surrogate mother. Is it so easy?

It is obvious that surrogate mothers are an integral part of the whole surrogacy procedure. These women are not only bearing children, they make the priceless gift for the couples who want this child more than anything else in this world. Despite the fact, that the surrogacy motherhood is generously compensated, it’s not a job for money, it’s a real feat to bring happiness in a home where the child is so long-awaited. But it’s only the psychological side of the surrogacy, besides which there is another one with the certain requirements for becoming a surrogate. In each clinic which is specialized in the procedure of in-vitro fertilization or in any agency which helps couples to choose a surrogate, there is a list with the requirements for each woman who wants to get this experience and to become a surrogate mom. These requirements may differ a bit but in general, they are all similar. Let’s consider them separately.

First of all, the age of a woman is extremely important. To become a surrogate mom, the women should be from twenty to forty years old, however, in many websites of companies and clinics we have seen the age diapasons which start from eighteen years and finish with the thirty-five years. Also, the candidate to surrogate mother shouldn’t get any state financial aid. It is obvious but the major parameter is also the health condition of a candidate. A woman should have the excellent health condition without any diseases and complications with her previous pregnancy (pregnancies). For many clinics also one of the main requirements to a surrogate is having the genetically native and absolutely healthy child (children). Also, because of the fact that in many countries surrogacy is strictly prohibited by the law, one more important requirement is that the surrogate mom should be from the “surrogacy-friendly” country or state. In addition to this, the candidate shouldn’t have a criminal history. As we have mentioned above, these requirements may be different and in some clinics, you may find additional ones. These are the most important requirements which are unchangeable in the most surrogacy companies and clinics.

How much does a surrogate make?

We have already mentioned at the beginning of our article that the surrogates are generously rewarded. Let’s consider what does the surrogate get. In each prosperous agency, the woman who fits all the requirements and is chosen by a couple gets high-quality service in all aspects, legal representation, financial support on every stage of her pregnancy and the agency representative who can help you in any question 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to this, many agencies organize various meetings with your family and gatherings with other surrogate moms.

The price for surrogacy differs greatly from one agency to another but in the most cases, it lies between $45000 -75000. All the medical examinations and procedures are provided by a couple so the surrogates don’t have to pay for any of them. The agency guides you from the very beginning to the process of baby delivering to parents and during a certain period after.

Being the part of the surrogate family is a great reason for pride and you should appreciate what you do and how you can change the life of other people for better. Do it with passion, enjoy every moment of participation in the surrogacy program and you will bear the absolutely healthy child which will become the greatest gift for the family who need it so much.

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