Surrogacy Motherhood. How much?

Nowadays the word “surrogacy” became much more popular than several years ago. While for some people, this is just the medical term, for another it is the solution to the most important problem in their life – infertility. Some years ago the word infertility sounded like a sentence for families who have certain problems with their health. But time passed and many things have changed including medical technologies. Today surrogacy means the wise solution of the infertility problem and an excellent chance to create a family with so long-awaited genetically native child.

There are many important moments that should be considered when you decided to use the surrogate mother’s services. Also, prior to take a final decision and to choose the most suitable surrogate mom for your future child, some couples consider the procedure of in-vitro fertilization which may be an alternative to using of a surrogate. The in-vitro fertilization or IVF procedure as most people and medical specialists call it means that the eggs and a sperm sample will be extracted and put in the laboratory dish where they are combining. After that, the embryo (or several embryos) will be transferred into the uterus of the genetically native mother.

In-vitro procedure refers to the assisted reproductive technologies (or ART) and is as popular nowadays as using the surrogates. For many people, it is better and psychologically easier not to use the third party to bear their child. In addition to this, the procedure of transferring the newborn child to its genetically native parents may be morally difficult to a surrogate, so the psychological condition of a surrogate mother is one of the most important requirements when choosing candidates to surrogate moms.

In this article, we will answer to one of the most frequently asked questions – “how much?” or rather “how much does the IVF procedure cost?” Let’s consider each stage of this procedure in details and clarify all the important moments.

Cost of In Vitro Fertilization Procedure

When a couple decides to carry the IVF procedure to conceive a child, one of the most important questions is how much will it cost. You will hardly find the specifically defined cost of this procedure because it always varies depending on many circumstances and may significantly change because of other additional services. An average price of the procedure which can be found on the official websites of clinics varies from the $12000 to $16000. There are also some ways to reduce this cost and not to become bankrupt. First of all, you can save noticeable money amount if you utilize the embryos that were not used in the previous cycle instead of transferring the frozen embryo, which price, as a rule, varies from $3000 to $3500.

As we have already mentioned, in addition to the cost of IFV procedure, you may pay for the additional services. Among such services may be a genetic testing which is done on the embryos prior to their transfer to the uterus of the genetically native mother. This procedure is called Pre- Implantation Genetic Diagnosis or as specialist call it PGD and helps to reveal all possible chromosome abnormalities by screening. The average price of this procedure is from $2800 – $3500.

Among other additional services may be the use of an egg donor. In such case, the cost of the procedure will rise by $20000 – $35000 (for the one cycle only).

If these prices are too high and don’t meet your planned costs, there are also some possible alternatives that are available today for couples and individuals. One of these alternative options is the procedure when only one single spermatozoon in laboratory conditions is injected into the egg for fertilization. The price of such procedure is from $1200 – $1600.

Possible Ways to Reduce the IVF Cost

If the price of an In-Vitro Fertilization procedure is unaffordable for you, you shouldn’t despair, as nowadays there are special programs developed by the fertilization clinics in order to maximally reduce the cost of this procedure and make it more affordable to all couples. Also, many modern clinics offer special refund programs, participating in which you will pay a certain money amount (from $18000 to $35000) and in a case of three or more unsuccessful IVF treatment cycles you will be refunded a certain amount of this money. For those couples, who decided to use the in-vitro fertilization procedure but can’t afford such high expenses, it’s a good solution of the problem to consider similar programs in fertilization clinics that will help to noticeably reduce the cost of this procedure.

Final Words

Despite the fact that price is an important parameter when choosing a clinic for IVF, it is not necessary to consider it as a decisive factor, because the digits in the price list don’t really say anything about the quality of the services provided. Experts recommend pay the attention to the history of the medical center: how many patients were helped there? What is known about doctors working within its walls? Do the clinic and its leaders have any significant awards? Answers to all these questions will help you to orient yourself in the variety of services for artificial insemination. It is also important to study the opinions of other patients, however, you should not take seriously the criticism based only on the fact that it was not possible to get pregnant from the first time – unfortunately, even the most qualified doctors are not all-powerful and the success is largely determined by the state of the patient’s health. In addition, the number of negative comments on the Internet is always higher. Pay your attention to the impressions of your predecessors from communicating with the doctor and from the clinic itself: how attentive the specialist was, whether the payment system was transparent and whether the patients felt comfortable during visits and procedures. In the end, you can sign up for a preliminary consultation with a doctor or ask him an online question to collect as much information as possible before the long-awaited IVF.

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