Financial Side of the Surrogacy

We all know that surrogacy is the expensive procedure and requires not only psychological and emotional preparation but the significant expenses also. So, how to make this process more affordable and not to become bankrupt in the end? In this article, we are going to consider several tips and financial programs that will help you to make this process as much affordable as its possible.

The whole surrogacy process and the further care for the surrogate after the childbirth is the quite expensive decision. Although the price of the surrogacy is fully justified with the number of various medical examinations, procedures, and services, it still remains prohibitively expensive for many couples who have dreamt for a child for many years after the numerous attempts to conceive their own baby. The price of surrogacy may vary greatly from one clinic to another and depends on the number of services and compensations included. In average, it varies from $50000-$100000 including all compensations to a surrogate. In this article, we will review the surrogacy loans, financial programs for couples who are going to conceive a child through the surrogacy process, and possible grants for surrogacy. Don’t let money be the main obstacle to your goal.

How to save money? Some useful tips for couples.

We are not talking about the grants and surrogacy loans yet. Now we want just to show you some tips that may be useful for the couples to save the noticeable money amount and to afford high-quality surrogacy services.

First of all, you should check your insurance policy. After familiarizing with all the medical examinations and procedures that are required during the surrogacy process, check carefully which of them can be covered by your insurance. This can significantly save your money. Then it’s time to choose the surrogacy professional. Nowadays there are a lot of them and they all are different by their cost and services offered. Compare several options that suit your requirements and decide which of them is the most successful combination of the price and the services offered. Also, pay your attention to the additional fees and possible hidden costs, because of them the general price for the surrogacy professional may differ greatly. Also, it is recommended to start saving on the surrogacy. It will not differ from your savings on a house or the new car, for example. Just create a saving account and include these savings into the budget of your family. One more important tip is to ask other people who have already used the surrogacy services. Find forums related to this theme and ask other parents about how did they save on the surrogacy. In many cases, such people help to find surrogacy programs, loans or just give some additional useful tips about saving money.

Surrogacy grants. What is it?

One of the good options of how to significantly reduce the surrogacy cost is to use the grant for surrogacy. A lot of organizations nowadays offer grants (that are non-repayable funds) to couples who can’t afford the surrogacy services. There are different grant programs which give grants to families on an annual basis if the couple meets all the organization’s requirements. These requirements, as a rule, are different in each of such organizations and may include such parameters as residency within a certain state, affiliation to a certain religion or other personal characteristics. Also, almost each of such organizations requires the proof of your infertility prior to awarding you with the grant. In this paragraph we collected some popular grant programs which offer funds for surrogacy. Read carefully the requirements of each of them and fill the application form if you think that your couple meets all of them.

  1. Life Grants. Grants provided by the Life Foundation can reach the amount of $10000-$15000 for couples who can’t afford surrogacy services. They spread on the treatment of the infertility problems as well as for surrogate mother compensation and various medical procedures and examinations.
  2. Journey to Parenthood Grants. This organization helps people suffering from infertility to get the necessary treatment and provides couples with egg donation, IVF and IUI procedures. Also, this organization helps couples to build a new family through the adoption.
  3. Family Formation Charitable Trust. This organization provides financial help to other organization and couples to expand their families through the modern reproductive technologies or adoption.
  4. Tinina Q. Cade Foundation Family Building Grant. The organization provides couples with the money amount of around $10000 for the surrogacy needs.
  5. Baby Quest Foundation. This foundation is aimed at the help to people who can’t afford using such expensive surrogacy services as egg or sperm donation, eggs freezing, in-vitro fertilization procedure or artificial insemination. Also, the foundation helps to cover the cost of the gestational surrogacy.
  6. Pay it forward Fertility Grands. Grands provided by this organization can be used for treatment fertility and paying for the surrogacy services in any of the clinics which refers to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

All of these grants are provided thanks to donations, so if you can afford to contribute these programs, you also can help other couples suffering from infertility who can’t afford to participate in a surrogacy program.

Fund-raising. One more way to afford surrogacy.

Surrogacy fund is one more way to afford surrogacy. It doesn’t matter whether you create the online fund-raiser or are going to raise money via carrying certain events, anyway it is a good option for couples who are going to use the surrogacy motherhood program. We are going to present you some possible ideas of how you can start:

  1. You can organize an event. By organizing an event such as a sport tournament or car wash you can direct all earning straight to your surrogacy fund. The main thing here is to organize something unique and interesting to involve many people.
  2. Start selling something. It is one of the most interesting ways to collect money. Here you can start selling bakery, hand-made jam or clothes, it’s absolutely up to you. The main task- to arouse the interest in your products.
  3. Simply ask for donations. This is the simplest way. You can ask for donations instead of getting presents on such holidays as birthday or Christmas.
  4. Create the online fund-raiser. This way is the most popular and the most profitable. On such online platforms as couples who can’t afford surrogacy can raise noticeable amounts of money for the medical examinations, treatment or surrogacy services.

Surrogacy Loans. Loans Types to Consider.

Besides fund-raising, grants, and general tips on how to save money, there is one more way to afford surrogacy – to take a surrogacy loan. Many couples often resort to loans in order to cover their financial needs but only a few of them now that besides the usual loans and credits special loans for surrogacy and infertility treatment are available. We are ready to present you some types of loans that may be considered in case if you need money for surrogacy or infertility treatment.

  1. Fertility Financing Loans. Some financial organizations such as CapexMD, New Life Fertility Finance, and Prosper Healthcare Lending offer loans for couples who treat infertility and are not able to conceive a child. These loans can be applied not only for struggling with infertility but also to cover the expenses for surrogacy programs.
  2. Family Members. Maybe it’s not a loan type but for many couples, it is much more convenient to ask for financial help from their relatives or friends. Anyway, it is a good way to cover surrogacy expenses.
  3. Agency Financing Programs. Many of modern surrogacy agencies offer their clients different financial programs and grants to minimize the expenses for surrogacy services. Some of these agencies collaborate with organizations providing loans and grants, while others offer their own financing programs. To sort out which of such programs available in your case, you should ask your surrogacy professional.
  4. Credit Cards. Credit cards can be used for covering some of the surrogacy expenses, however, in case if you don’t pay your balance in time, your card can be blocked.
  5. 401(k) plans. This is one more way to pay for surrogacy. In this case, you are able to take up to fifty percent of your retirement money for covering the expenses. The main condition here is to pay the money back to your retirement account in a certain period of time.
  6. Home equity loans. This type of loans allows couples to get money by using their house as collateral. TO get this type of loans your couple should have a good credit history.

Nowadays there are different ways to afford surrogacy. Research all possibilities, plan all your expenses and you will be much closer to your goal. Make a happy family is real and everything depends on you.

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