Main Advantages of Surrogacy

Despite the fact that surrogacy is the time- and efforts- consuming process, it has a number of its own advantages both for surrogates and intended parents. The whole surrogacy process is filled with the unforgettable emotions and is an amazing experience both for a couple who have dreamt about a child for a long time and a surrogate who feels all the importance of her contribution to the happiness of a parenthood. In this article, we are going to consider the main advantages of surrogacy for surrogate moms and for intended parents. Maybe some of them seem obvious but we hope that they will serve a decisive factor for both parties to make this decision and to start a new stage of their life.

Advantages of Surrogacy for Surrogate Mothers

A surrogate mother is involved in the surrogacy process as anyone else because all the responsibility for the health of a baby lies on her shoulders. Main advantages of the surrogacy process for intended parents are clear – it is an excellent decision to create a new family to those who can’t conceive a child because of infertility problems, to single parents or same-sex couples. But what are the advantages for a surrogate mother? Each surrogacy case is different and each surrogate mom finds her own benefits in this process and experience but we tried to collect the main advantages into one list. Let’s see what we have:

  • Surrogacy motherhood requires a large monetary compensation, which for many surrogates can be a decisive factor when they are considering all the pros and cons and deciding about their final decision. This large money amount can be used for a college education or for other important for the surrogate purposes.
  • Each stage of the surrogacy process is well-paid, so the surrogate will get everything she needs including modern medical services, psychological support from a specialist, services of a surrogacy agency and many more. This helps to enjoy every moment of her pregnancy without worrying about any material needs.
  • All the surrogate mothers can attend meetings where they will be able to share their experience with other surrogates and get important and useful tips.
  • Surrogates often spend much time with the intended parents, sharing with them experience and feelings about the pregnancy. In the majority of cases, surrogates become close friends with the intended parents and continue their relationships after the childbirth.
  • Surrogate mothers show a good example to other couples who have unsuccessfully tried to conceive a child but are not sure about their final decision about using the surrogacy services.
  • Surrogate mothers feel the great personal satisfaction about what they do for other families and enjoy all the process of understanding how important is their contribution to the happy life of a couple.

These are only several advantages of being a surrogate mother, probably each of the surrogates can add some more advantages to this list. Surrogacy requires serious moral preparation and may be demanding both emotionally and physically. But all the difficulties that occurred during this process disappear immediately when the surrogate sees the tears of happiness on faces of parents who finally can create the complete happy family with the long-awaited baby.

Advantages of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

Among the intended parent who decided to resort to the surrogacy services can be single parents, same-sex couples or just couples who are tired of unsuccessful attempts to create a complete family. All these people have one goal – to create a complete happy family with a genetically native child and the surrogacy is one possible way to achieve it. There are a lot of advantages to this process for the intended parents and we think that the ones that are collected here are just a small part of them. However, we tried to collect the most important advantages into one list. Here is what we got:

  • Surrogacy makes the intended parents more confident in the successful result of the process than any other medical procedure such as fertilization treatment.
  • Intended parents are able to control the whole period of a pregnancy and participate in the surrogate’s life sharing her emotions and helping her to go through all the difficulties that may occur on her way.
  • Intended parents can be sure in the surrogate’s health as she goes through several medical examinations prior starting IVF procedure and has her own healthy child (this requirement is one of the major ones in the most surrogacy agencies nowadays), that significantly increases chances for success in this procedure.
  • This way of struggling the infertility is much better than adoption as the intended parents will be able to have their own genetically native baby.
  • Surrogacy helps intended parents to create long-lasting friendship relations with their surrogate for the whole life.
  • Surrogacy is allowed by the law in many countries so the intended parents will not face any difficulties with the legal side of this process.
  • Surrogacy gives a chance for same-sex couples to create a complete happy family with the beloved child.
  • Gestational type of surrogacy allows having the genetic relationship of parents (or at least one parent) with a child.

This is not the complete list of all benefits for the intended parents when they decide to significantly change their life and try surrogacy services. For each couple this list of advantages is unique but the main idea of all these benefits remains the same for all the couples suffering from infertility and single parents worldwide – surrogacy is the one possible way to create a complete family with the biologically native healthy child.


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