ServicesPrices, EUR
Agency’s fee:

  • consultations on organizational, legal, and medical aspects;
  • selection of a surrogate mother, her medical check-up, criminal record check, psychological check-up;
  • selection of a clinic for IVF;
  • supervision of the surrogate mother;
  • selection of a clinic for monitoring the surrogate mother;
  • reports on the results of surrogate mother’s check-ups;
  • selection of a clinic for childbirth:
  • translation services
IVF + ICSIfrom 2,000 (depending on the selected package)
Surrogate mother’s fee + monthly allowance until childbirth14000 + 3000
Notary’s services for legalization of the necessary documents250
Pregnancy monitoring package2000
Legal support throughout the program2500

Prices for additional services:

ServicesPrices, EUR
Replacement of the surrogate mother500
A surrogate mother with previous experience+ 2,000 to the total cost
Multiple pregnancy2000
Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (9-24 chromosomes)800— 2000
Prenatal non-invasive diagnostics750
Total transportation costs of the surrogate mother if she is not a resident of Kyiv500
Abortion after the first trimester10% to the total cost specified in the contract + the actual cost of abortion
Pickup from the airport of a railway station, and transfer to the hotel80
Services of a driver with a car100 /day
Services of a nurse after the childbirth until parents’ departure to the country of residence20/hour
A tour or Kyiv (a car with a driver, and a guide)150/3 hours
Security deposit for emergency cases (to be returned in full if no such cases have occurred)5000